More and more companies and organizations are moving towards using “green”, eco-friendly, recycled or recyclable awards and recognition products.

There are many different kinds of plaques created from recycled news print, sunflower hulls, re-used wood chips, recycled glass, etc. Enough new ideas with large selection and lots of choices for being environmentally concious with recognition programs.

This movement is growing as organizations become aware of the importance of using recognition products that are classic and environmentally safe.


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Buy Recycled Trophies

Recycled Trophies

After 20 years of accepting old trophies and awards for recycling, we are now offering them for sale to support the Trophy Recycling Program. Boxes arrive from all over the country with trophies and awards everyday. People come with van loads, and travel far distances to donate their old treasures.

Since our facility is getting filled, and our recyclers can’t keep up, we need to start moving box loads out. You can help support your local charities by purchasing these recycled awards, and help us continue the recycling program by telling your local non-profits.

Go To for more information

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Holiday Gift Catalogs- Now Paperless

Appreciate your customers, employees and associates with holiday gifts they’ll always remember. Communicate your appreciation and Motivate others this holiday season. See 1000’s of Gift Ideas in our 2009 Holiday Gift Catalogs  Now view everything digitally, with an entire collection of flip catalogs.

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Eco-Friendly Promos are Better

Recently one of our customers conducted a test with 3 types of mugs to see which would hold the heat longer. We found it VERY insightful and thought you might want to hear about it.

glass mug

Glass Mug- held the heat for 15 minutes.

ceramic mug 

Ceramic Mug- held the heat for 25 minutes.

corn plastic mug
Corn Plastic Mug- held the heat for 1 hour.

Not only is Corn Plastic Biodegradable,  it’s also made in America.

See our line of Biodegradable Corn Plastic items here:

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Green Awards and Promos

We are excited about the new, eco-friendly options available today in recognition and promotional products. We now offer Natural, Biodgradable, Recycled, and Green Products. Instead of throwing away your pen, and filling the landfills with advertising specialties, imagine throwing it in the compost when you are through with it. Now you can with the 100% biodegradable corn plastic items. In these categories you will find recycled, biodegradble, and sustainable products that fit your company image and lifestyle.

 Eco Genuity AwardBiodegradable Recycled Pen Lyptus Wood Eco PlaqueCorn Plastic Key Tag

We love our Eco-Friendly Plaques and carry a wide variety of options. From sustainable plantation grown eucalyptus and bamboo, to recycled wood pulp and newsprint plaques, our expert staff will help design the Eco Plaque you are looking for. After 30+ years in the Awards Industry, we are delighted to offer recognition alternatives that will contribute to sustainability.

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Going Green Expo Awards

This weekend we attended the Going Green Wisconsin Expo and created the first Green Business Awards for the Madison Area by partering with

PosiPair stands for ‘Positive Pairing’ and is an online retail and networking platform serving green businesses, consumers, and nonprofits in the rapidly expanding green products and services market.

Going Green Expo Awards

Recycled Sunflower Hulls and Newsprint Plaques

The winners are:

  • The 100% Award, given to the greenest overall business.

Winner: Willy Street Co-op (

  • The Transformation Award, given to the business that’s made the biggest industry-changing breakthrough.

Winner: Second Rain (

  • The Community Award is for the Green Business that gives back the most to their community.

Winner: Habitat Restore (

Going Green 100% Award

Sustainable Lyptus Wood Plaque

View the Green Expo coverage on Channel 3000

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Trophy Recycling Program

The Trophy Recycling Program

The Trophy Recycling Program

Total Awards & Promotions officially announces it’s Trophy Recycling Program to benefit Madison area charities in need.

We hear almost every day of folks that have dozens of trophies collecting dust and they don’t want to just throw them away; they’d rather make a useful contribution to others.

With the launch of their Trophy Recycling Program, Total Awards & Promotions encourages the community to donate their old trophies, plaques & awards to be donated back to non-profit organizations and community groups in need. They will recycle the parts that are useful and re-use trophies that are still functional.

What: Donate your gently used Trophies, Awards, and Medals to be Recycled, Reused and Regifted by local area charities. For items that are not reusable, they will recycle the parts.

Where to Ship or Drop off to:

Trophy Recycling Program

C/O Total Awards & Promotions

7475 Mineral Point Rd. Madison, Wi 53717.

Near Pedros in High Point Centre.

When: Drop off anytime between Monday – Friday 8:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Call 833-1716 first to arrange your donation.

~~~Pay it Forward~~~

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